MV's scubavideo and scubapicture

Graduated with a biology degree from Liège University, Belgium, in 1978  
Diver with over 3000 dives and amateur videographer  
Passionate about fish and the sea  
On this website I share my photos and videos with you  
Photos and videos have been shot with an underwater cameras Olympus TG-1, TG-3 or TG-4  
Some of the recent ones with a Sea & Sea wide angle lens and Sea & Sea YS-03 external flashlight  
Each tab features links to video tracks, pdf files or online data sheets  
You will find some freshwater species but most of the documents display marine fauna



Raja ampat 2018
Photos and videos of Raja Ampat were shot during our dive cruise in 2014 ; we made 36 dives in different locations.  
About 36 hours under water with the "Paisubatu", 10 dive places ; departure from Sorong ( Indonesia)  
The dive spots were mostly " Raja Dampier Strait", than "Kawe et Wayag", and "Penemu", at the end "Faroundi Misool"  
Remarkable dive spots like "Manta Sandy", " Aljuy", "Black-Rock", "Karang Bayangan", "Andiamo"....  
This area of preservation maintains a natural environment rich in wildlife but visibility is not always ok.
Red sea 2017
Photos and videos of Red Sea were shot during our dive cruise in November 2017 , we made 16 dives in different locations,  
spending around 15 hours under water, water température was 23°C max.,there was a lot of wind, and a 3mm.suit is very short !...  
we cruised with liveaboard " Ghani", with Sophie and Bruno of "Dune red sea".  
Initialy The cruise was "The Brothers, Dédalus and Elphinstone"; wind make us lost Dédalus..  
but it permitted to find "Tursiops" and a eagle ray in "El Nabaa"...  
This area of preservation maintains a natural environment rich in wildlife.It's very top near our door ( 4h30 flight).
Photos and videos of Tenerife were shot during our dive trip in 2018; we made 18 dives in different locations.  
We chose to dive with Coral Sub with Laetitia, Fabian and Philippe.  
Lien Coralsub  
Dive spots : Bajoncitó, Ponta Luna, Cueva del Palmar, Montaña Amarilla, Roca de las Catalufas, Cueva del Tiberón, Atlantida, El Condicito, Los Champiñones  
Water temperature 24,4°C, quiet sea, no current, top visibility.  
This area of preservation maintains a natural environment rich in wildlife.
Fresh water
Most of photos and videos of Fresh water were taken in Belgium, open water places, like old stone quarry  
Like " La Gombe" by Esneux, "Lillé" by Sprimont or "Vodelée" by Charleroi... 
The Fauna of those places is not natural, it was brought by the divers, fish are artificially there and often are fed
Photos and videos were shot on the Southern Atlantic coast between Rio de Janeiro and Santos. We made 22 dives in 3 different locations. The most northern one was Angra dos Reis (RJ) where we dived with Pousada Jamanta dive center. The dive spots are not far from the coast; there is some current and we saw lots of sea horses.  
The second location we dived was Ilhabela, a bit further south;where we dived with scubadodive ;lots of current, there are underwater ropes for divers to secure. The visibility is limited, like in Zeeland in the Netherlands. We encountered lookdowns, a most unusual-looking carangid.  
Our third dive location was Laje de Santos at an hour and a half by speedboat off the coast of São Vicente, next to Santos harbour (SP)where we dived with ATM diver. Current and visibility can vary, but there are lots of wildlife.
Méditerranean sea
Photos and videos of Mediterranean sea were shot in "the National creeks park" in Cassis Marseille or in "the natural reserve park of Port-Cros"  
We dive in 3 different diving center, "Narval plongée" with Fabienne, "Bormes plongées" with Mirko and " Lalonde plongées" with Jérôme. 
Those areas of preservation maintains a natural environment rich in wildlife.Remarkable dive spots like "La Gabinière", "La pointe cacau" or the "Grand conglu" are well known.